Our Service

To pursue and dedicate for excellency, TaiDoc never stop its aim and vision. By developing a strong R&D structure, TaiDoc provides with full service in regulatory professionals, clinical suggestions, engineering resources and certified manufacturing system. Through these services, we are able to shorten the lead-time to product launch at low cost while maintaining high quality. Moreover, complete control and management of the in-house procedures allows our customer to keep track on their project at anytime.

Through the comprehensive capabilities, TaiDoc is able to thrive for many years and continued to prove itself a world class leading manufacturer in the medical device industry.


Our comprehensive capability can commercialize your idea from scratch


Human Resource

With more than 600 employees, TaiDoc has invested over 5% of its annual sales revenue in continuous research, development and improvement. Our R&D team takes up approximately 20% of the total human resources.


R&D Structure