Quality Management

Quality System Certificates

TaiDoc is certified and work in accordance with world standards and industry regulations:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 13485:2016
  • GMP
  • QSR Compliance

ISO 13485:2016

ISO 9001:2015


GMP Taoyuan Factory

GMP Wugu Factory

Quality Assurance Procedures

Manufacturing Traceability

We continuously optimizes our traceability of manufacturing in order to improve ‘quality’ and ‘efficiency’ through following essential measures:

Tracking and recording

Supply chain visibility

Supply Chain Management

TaiDoc is devoted to optimizing the utilization and efficiency of the supply chain, so that from product development, production to after-sales service, customers can rely on our comprehensive management to meet the needs of customers in terms of production capacity, quality and delivery date.

Applications of Manufacturing Automation


Relying on our rich experience and capabilities in the development of manufacturing automation, we are constantly striving to optimize the manufacturing process to provide customers with reliable and cost-effective products.

Test Fixture

The self-developed test fixtures allow us to test multiple devices at once. This industry-leading method greatly improves production efficiency and quality.

Project Management

The dedicated project management team plays the role of communicating customers’ needs and coordinating internally. From product design and development to successful commercialization, oversees the completion of the project on schedule and on budget.


Medical Device

Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with advanced equipment such as SMT production lines, automated equipment and PCBA testing systems. With integration of automated equipment, higher efficiency and consistency in our manufacturing process will be gained and the possibility of defects can be minimized.

PCB Assembly

‧Surface Mount Technology
‧Lead free process
‧Automated optical inspection, AOI

Testing & Calibration

The smart manufacturing process utilizes in-house intelligent equipment which allows irregularities to be detected quickly and precisely
‧PCBA calibration
‧Functional Test
‧Calibration accuracy test: 3 individual thermostatic chambers
‧Parameter setting & connectivity test

Device Assembly & Packing

TaiDoc provides a diversity of medical devices assembly services to meet the increasing demands from customers. With the proper management by our production scheduler, customers can be satisfied with flexible manufacturing services and on-time delivery

IVD Test Strips

Lateral Flow Tests

By utilization of advanced modular automated equipment, we ensure a stable supply of high-quality lateral flow tests to the markets. Multi production lines with millions of monthly capacity delivers flexible and scalable solutions, adaptable scheduling for lateral flow test manufacturing and kits assembly.

Modular Production System
‧ Membrane spraying
‧ Membrane and components lamination
‧ Cassette assembly
‧ Test kits packaging

Screen Printing Technology

The in-house production system realizes the advantages of online monitoring, database management, analysis, and enterprise resource planning, including materials, products, traceability of quality systems, and the further improvement of the manufacturing process.

In-house production system
‧ Screen printing
‧ Enzyme dotting
‧ Drying process
‧ Strip cutting
‧ Coding

Metal Sputtering Technology

Different from the traditional screen printing silver carbon electrode production technology, TaiDoc has also introduced dry vacuum sputtering technology and reel-to reel production method. The integrated process technology covers vacuum sputtering, laser engraving, electrochemistry and biosensors.

‧ High stability electrode material
‧ Precise control of reaction zone on electrodes
‧ Customized and flexible electrode design available