Telehealth Remote Monitoring Devices

With lessons learned from COVID-19 in recent year, affects the Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring Landscape. This kind of change altered the telehealth strategies, pushing telehealth vendors to adopt or expand connected health tools to meet the virtual care demand in order to replace in-person services.

Reacting to demand from the market, TaiDoc’s telecare technology on telehealth and telemedicine provides Remote patient monitoring devices and a series of smartphones application on both iOS and Android platform that supports the real-time self-monitoring and analysis and further enable your patients to share updates on their vital data and their environment from the convenience and comfort of home—or even at the office. ”

The following are our types of remote patient monitoring devices:

Remote patient monitoring in Blood Pressure Monitor, Blood Glucose and Multiple Parameter Monitoring system, Thermometer, Weight Scale, Pulse Oximeter, Vital Signs Monitor and Medical kiosk.

According to the European Union’s new Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU, published on April 16, 2014, it is a regulatory framework for placing radio equipment on the market. Therefore, all products falling under the scope of RED 2014/53/EU have to comply with the respective RED requirements.

Here are the products we have:

Declaration of Conformity (RED)  

Concepts of Telehealth solutions for Health Care during COVID-19 outbreak, TaiDoc provides a variety of Patient Monitoring Devices.