TaiDoc Multi-Parameter Monitoring Systems TD-4216 - TaiDoc provides telehealth devices and a series of smartphone application on both iOS and Android platform that supports the real time self-monitoring and analysis to your everyday health. There are Blood Glucose and Multiple Parameter Monitoring System, Blood Pressure Monitor, Thermometer, Weight Scale, Pulse Oximeter, ECG Recorder, and Bluetooth Dongle.

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Individual Target Range
Individual Target Range

Multi-Parameter Meter (Blood glucose meter)


  • Automatic strip identification system
  • Individual blood glucose target range
  • 3-color indicator

Blue: Strip guiding light
Green: Within target range
Red: Out of target range

For TD-4216 Blood glucose meter, it has six parameter test strips.

Easy testing, measuring, recording, monitoring and tracking of your glucose, ketone, lactate, uric acid and cholesterol.

TD-4216 Blood glucose meter supports NFC connection, Bluetooth connection and Micro-USB connection.


MeterKetone WarningYes
CommunicationTD-4216A(Strip port / NFC) / TD-4216B(Bluetooth)
Power Source2 x AAA
Memory Capacity1000 sets
Day Average7, 14, 21, 28, 60, 90 days for blood glucose
Daily Alarm4 daily alarms
Dimension102.5 (L) x 56.9 (W) x 21.8 (H) mm
Weight57g (Without Battery)
Operating Condition10°C(50°F)~+40°C(104°F), 10%~ 90% R.H.
Storage Condition-20 ºC ~ +60 ºC (Meter); 2ºC ~ 30ºC (Strip)
Glucose Enzyme TypeGDH-FAD
Sample Size0.5 µL
Reaction Time5 seconds
Measurement Range10~800 mg/dL (0.56~44.4 mmol/L)
Hematocrit Range0% - 70%
PrecisionSD < 5 mg/dL (0.278 mmol/L) at < 100 mg/dL (5.55 mmol/L);
CV < 5% at 100 mg/dL (5.55 mmol/L)
Accuracy±15 mg/dL if < 100 mg/dl;±15% if ≧ 100 mg/dL
PackageVial pack / Single foil pack
KetoneSample Size0.8 µL
Enzyme TypeHBD
Sample Size0.8 µL
Reaction Time10 seconds
Measurement Range0.1 ~ 8.0 mmol/L
Hematocrit Range10% - 70%
Precision≦1 mmol/L, SD < 0.1 mM; > 1 mmol/L, CV < 7.5%
PackageVial pack / Single foil pack
Total CholesterolSample size 3.0 µL
Reaction time60 seconds
Measurement Range100 ~ 400 mg/dL
Hematocrit Range20% - 60%
PrecisionCV < 7.5%
PackageSingle foil pack
TriglyceridesSample Size3.0 μL
Reaction time60 seconds
Measurement Range70 - 600 mg/dL
Hematocrit Range20% - 55%
Precision70 - 125 mg/dL, SD<10 mg/dL;
126 - 600 mg/dL, CV<7.5%
PackageSingle foil pack
Uric AcidSample size0.5 µL
Reaction time15 seconds
Measurement Range3~20 mg/dL (178-1190 µM)
Hematocrit Range20% - 60%
Precision≦5 mg/dL, SD<0.5 mg/dL; >5 mg/dL, CV<7.5% (≦297 μM, SD<30 μM; >297 μM, CV<7.5%)(≦0.29 mM, SD<0.03 mM; >0.29 mM, CV<7.5%)
PackageSingle foil pack
HemoglobinSample Size0.5 μL
Reaction Time10 seconds
Measurement Range6.8 - 24 g/dL
Hematocrit Range20% - 70%
PackageSingle foil pack
LactateSample Size0.8 μL
Reaction time5 seconds
Measurement Range0.3 - 22 mmol/L
Hematocrit Range10% - 65%
Precision≦3mmol/L, SD<0.3mM;
>3mmol/L, CV<7.5%
PackageSingle foil pack

Package Contents

  • TD-4216 Blood glucose meter

  • Lancing device (TD-5010)

  • 10 sterile lancets

  • User manual

  • User Guide

  • Carrying Case

*Before using the TD-4216 Blood glucose meter to test your blood glucose and other parameters, please carefully read the Owner’s Manual that come with the components of the system.

For more information on TaiDoc’s products, please contact us by email. (sales@taidoc.com)