Comprehensive Capability

To pursue and dedicate for excellency, TaiDoc never stop its aim and vision. By developing a strong R&D structure, TaiDoc provides with full service in regulatory professionals, clinical suggestions, engineering resources and certified manufacturing system. Through these services, we are able to shorten the lead-time to product launch at low cost while maintaining high quality. Moreover, complete control and management of the in-house procedures allows our customer to keep track on their project at anytime.

Through the comprehensive capabilities, TaiDoc is able to thrive for many years and continued to prove itself a world class leading manufacturer in the medical device industry.

Commercialize your idea from scratch

Commercialize your idea from scratch

Human Resource

With a strong R&D team which occupies 15% of the total employees, this drives Taidoc to keep improving and innovating to compete in the global market; and we invest 5% of the annual revenue into continuous development.

Research Development

Our Expertise

TaiDoc not only provides cutting-edge technology, but also supports their services with vertical integrated systems.

These services shorten the time it takes to launch a product while keeping a low cost and maintaining a high quality. In addition, complete control and management of the in-house procedures allows our customers to keep track of their project at any given time.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

We provide not only the cutting-edge technology, but with our R & D capability, which allows us to provide innovative and wide variety of products.

High Quality Control and Reliability

Our certified manufacturing system ensures premium quality and is traceable. Product reliability is important to us and we have partnered up with world-class laboratories in order to ensure reliability in our products.

On-Time Delivery

Our vigorous engineering resources guarantee that your products launch on time.