TaiDoc Pulse Oximeter TD-8201

Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor


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  • Oxygen saturation and pulse rate
  • PI (Perfusion Index) indicator
  • Shock resistance / alarm warning
  • Bluetooth communication

TD-8201 Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor(Pulse Oximeter) features SpO2, pulse rate and Perfusion Index(PI) indicator.

The Perfusion Index(PI) indicator indicates the pulse strength on a 10-bar indicator.

It is intended for patients with poor lung function or having bad efficiency in gaseous interchange on the lung during no-motion condition.

TD-8201 Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor or called Professional Pulse Oximeter is suitable for use in hospiital, clinical and long term care sites.

TD-8201 Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor(Pulse Oximeter) supports Bluetooth connection.

Water-Resistance and shock-resistance for optimal protection in all conditions.

Ergonomic design provides simple, single-hand operation.

TD-8201 accessory


Pulse Oximeter
SpO2 Display Range0-100%
SpO2 Resolution1%
SpO2 Accuracy80-100%, ±2%; 70-79%, ±3%; <70%, no definition
SpO2 MethodDual Wavelength LED
Pulse Rate Measuring Range30 - 250 bpm
Pulse Rate Accuracy±1 bpm or ±1% whichever is grater
Mode of OperationContinuous
LED DisplaySpO2, HR, Pulse-Strength Bar
Status IndicateProbe Good, Battery Status
Data TransmissionBluetooth
Perfusion Index10-bar indicator
Alarm Range SettingSpO2 High/Low , Pulse Rate High/Low
Pulse Volume Adjust2 Level or Off
LED Light Adjust2 Level
Power SourceAA Alkaline Battery x 4
Battery Usage Life40 hours
Dimension140 (L) x 70 (W) x 32 (H)mm
Weight240g (with batteries)
Storage/Transportation Condition-20ºC-60ºC; below 95% RH, non-condensing
Operating Condition10ºC-40°C; below 95% RH, non-condensing
Degree of ProtectionType BF
Water-ResistanceAgainst Water Splash, IPX2
Mechanical Impact-ResistanceAgainst Repeat Impact from 1 M Height
EMC StandardEN60601-1-2
Safety StandardEN60601-1
Performance StandardISO 80601-2-61