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Vital Signs Monitor


Vital Signs Monitor

  • 5 Parameters – ECG, NIBP, SpO2, Ear Temperature and Blood Glucose measurement
  • Nellcor SatSeconds (TM) alarm management technology
  • Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients
  • 7″ TFT color LCD touch screen
  • Available with bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Defibrillation proof


Cuff Pressure Range0-300 mmHg
Measurement Method Adult mode (Clever Inflation or Deflation)
Pediatric mode (Clever Inflation or Deflation)
Neonate mode (Deflation Only)
Pressure Accuracy±3 mmHg over full range
AutomaticCycles OFF, 5min, 10min, 15min, 30min, 1hr, 1.5hr, 2hr, 4hr
Pulse Rate Range30 - 240 bpm
Pulse Accuracy± 2% or ± 1 bpm when HR < 70 bpm
SpO2 Monitor
SpO2 Measuring Range35 - 100%
SpO2 Accuracy80 - 100%, ±2%; 70-79%, ±3%; <70%, no definition
Pulse Measuring Range30 -250 bpm
Pulse Range±1 bpm or ±1% when HR < 100 bpm
Measuring PrinciplesDual wavelength LED
AudioTone with each detected pulse; pitch varies with saturation
ECG Monitor
Vertical Scales 5, 10 mm/mV
Sweep Speed25 or 50 mm/sec (Selectable for Print out only)
DC Offset Correction± 300mV
Signal Sampling Resolution300 samples/sec (with 12-bit ADC)
Pulse Measuring Range 30 - 250 bpm
Pulse Accuracy±1 bpm or ±1% when HR < 100 bpm
Defibrillation ProofYes
Blood Glucose
Measurement Range10 - 600 mg/dL
InterfaceIrDA communicate with main unit
HCT Compensation0 - 70%
Blood Volume1 µL
Ear Temperature
Measurement Type Ear Thermometer
InterfaceIrDA communicate with main unit
Measurement Range32°C - 43°C
Accuracy± 0.2° C
Dimension190 (L) x 190 (W) x 309 (H)mm
Weight2.5 Kg( including accessory and battery)
Mounting OptionRolling Stand and Wall Mount
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