Our partnership with ZAFENA allows us to implement, expand, and sustain Telehealth system

Zafena POC-Workstation is a pioneer ICT unit, which can collect data and transfer data with a digital data output from TaiDoc medical devices. The system only requires a minimum of operator instructions and a barcode reader, the patient and healthcare providers can do the ambulatory measurements with TaiDoc devices with ease. In compliance with current legislation, the test information is cryptically linked to a patient identifier and is safely transferred through the patented gateway to a central health information system.

How does ZAFENA’s Healthcare Platform work

POC-Worstation in remote healthcare

ZAFENA case introduction

If you‘re interested in ZAFENA’s system, please find contact info below.

Contact info: Fredrik Wells / Email: fredrik.wells@zafena.se / Tel: +46 72 88 94 880