When people define chronic disease the most common ones would be cardiovascular disease and diabetes. This is no longer the term for the elderly, but gradually spread in various age groups and requires periodic monitoring and management.

Because they need a long term medical care attention, a real-time caregiver services would be a difficulty during pandemic and making a doctor appointment visit would discourage those elders due to travel risks. Delay or avoidance of medical care because of COVID-19 has made the distance between people further away and leads to the remote patient monitoring (RPM) era since 2020.

Luckily, RPM solution makes us get closer to a healthier lifestyle with no distance and monitor a patient’s chronic health conditions without requiring the patient to physically visit a practice.


Smart devices are matters…

According to smart phone usage statistics an average cell phone time usage per day per person would be 2 hours and 51 minutes, which means except sleeping time for 8 hours, you are using one seventh of time with your cell phone.

Whether you have cell phone or not, you will have the right to make yourself get healthier because the advanced technology combined with the equipment that monitors human health allows you to have real-time data and diagnosis without going out.


Get to know cyber solutions…

There is no time and space limit while using RPM solutions. Based on a trend report called Insider Intelligence, it has estimated that thirty million US patients will use RPM tools, which it would be 11.2% of population by 2024. Obviously, those people who need medical care have changed their traditional doctor visit habit to a cyber one.

When people have concerned about Bluetooth connectivity of losing connection, bandwidth, security and short range communication between devices in different conditions; the broad use options of cellular connectivity technology at TaiDoc are extensive as:

NB-IoT: the Internet of Things (IoT) designed on diagnostic meters for presenting a real-time monitoring and tracking.

Model: TD-4141

NB-IoT-TaiDoc Blood Glucose Meter TD-4141

4G: cellular-enabled device is a real-time personalized and automatically share patient data.

Model: TD-3261 duo function glucose and blood pressure

Dongles: an open-source platform with wirelessly transmit.

Model: iOS TD-4140 and type C TD-4143

TD-4140B LIGHTNING DONGLETaiDoc TD-4143 Smartphone Dongle

The real benefits for us

While RPM is rapidly growing, people start to adopt this into their lifestyle and wide spread benefits to the providers.

The public starts to get used to RPM healthcare life; especially for elders. When pandemic really hit us, the actual benefit of RPM for elders will reduce traveling and direct contact through people. We hope that this convenient medical technology can be popularized not only to elders, but to reach all age groups to get timely health diagnostics.